3 Types of Professional Carpet Cleaning

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The 3 Types of Professional Carpet Cleaning

When you call a professional carpet cleaning company you can expect 3 types of cleaning. First, and most popular, is steam cleaning. Second is shampoo cleaning. Finally, there is dry cleaning, which is offered by some carpet cleaners because it takes special equipment and cleaning solutions and is mostly used only for upholstery cleaning. Dry cleaning also uses strong cleaning chemicals that contain harmful ingredients that many families do not want used in their home.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning  involves using no or a little moisture during cleaning, which is from the cleaning solutions or compounds. Water is not used which has carpet cleaning machinethe advantage that once the cleaning is done, you can use the carpet right away. Before the cleaning starts the technician will spray a pre-treatment solution that will break down or emulsify that breaks the binding between soil or dust and the carpet fiber. Then a cleaning solution or dry compound is spread on the carpet and a buffing machine works it into the fiber picking up the loose dirt. The plus side of drying cleaning there is no dry time but a disadvantage is that is only cleans on the surface of the carpet. If you have a thick carpet dust and pollen will remain on the carpet and it can only remove light stains. If you need to remove pet stains and odors, this is not a good solution. Plus it can use some very strong chemicals that could possibly damage the dye in the carpet.

If you hire a dry cleaner they can use 3 types of cleaning machines. The first is a rotary buffing machine which uses a brush to circulate the cleaning solution and remove the dust. Unfortunately this brush can pick up the dust and cause the brush to be dirty. If the cleaner does not clean the brush it will not do a thorough job and can leave the dust still on the carpet. Because of this drawback a dry cleaning compound became an alternative where the compound is spread on the carpet and a brush is used to spread it on the carpet and a vacuum is used to pick up the compound  along with the dust. While this is more effective, it only cleans the surface and leaves dust below the surface. In the last few years encapsulated dry cleaning  became the next alternative. This works similar to dry cleaning compound but it involves using expensive cleaning solutions. It gives a deeper cleaning than other drying cleaning solutions but at a greater cost.

Why is Steam Cleaning the Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Process?

Steam cleaning is recommended by major carpet cleaning manufactures such as Mohawk and Shaw. Shaw even requires this for their warranty:

“Shaw warranties require that the homeowner be able to show proof of periodic cleaning by hot water extraction (commonly called “steam” cleaning) by a professional cleaning service or do-it-yourself system . . .”

Why does Shaw and other companies recommend steam cleaning? Because dust build up in a carpet can quickly wear it down. The dust will act like sandpaper and cut into the carpet fiber and weaken it. The cleaning machine is not a steam machine but it uses a heater to bring the water to 160

degrees which is sprayed on the carpet. Since the water is boiling hot it also kills bacteria as well as dust mites. The hot water will remove the dust and trap it in the water. The machine will then remove it during vacuuming. The cleaning machines will have  a very strong vacuum that is more powerful than any residential vacuum. No cleaning solutions is used, only water. This means you do not have to worry about harsh cleaning chemicals and no residue from the cleaning detergent is left on the carpet which can lead to resoiling. Many cleaning detergents when they dry can leave a sticky residue that binds dust and are hard to remove by a vacuum.  Many families prefer the steam cleaning because they do not want any chemicals used around small children and pets. Another reason is that steam cleaning is also affordably priced. Having your carpets steam cleaned every year will help make sure your carpets look in tip top shape for years to come.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning – The Ultimate in Carpet Cleaning

Carpet shampoo cleaning is similar to steam cleaning except a carpet shampoo is added and also a odor killer can be added to remove pet odors. Professionally Cleaning CarpetsBefore cleaning a pre-spray will be used to loosen dust from the fiber as well as stains. You can also shop around different cleaners and see which ones offer green cleaning solutions, or cleaning solutions that a free of harsh chemicals. Shampoo cleaning is the best solution for a deep cleaning because the solutions reaches deep into the fiber or carpet pile and traps dust and pollen in the solution. With an industrial strength vacuum the solution is removed along with the dust and pollen trapped in the shampoo.
A good, thorough shampoo cleaning can also help improve the air quality in your home. A clean carpet will filter our the dust and pollen in the air and trap it in the carpet which can be removed by vacuuming. But if it starts to accumulate, it can actually start to release the dust back in the air, causing you to breath dusty air. If you see dust in the air or dust on your furniture such as tables, this means you should consider cleaning your carpets so they can act as air filters once they are clean again.
Shampoo is also effective in removing pet stains and odors. Pet stains are difficult to remove once they are set on the carpet and are chemically bounded to the fiber. Shampoo can dissolve the bond and make it easy to remove the stain and kill the odor. If you have pets or small children, a shampoo cleaning can improve the appearance of your carpets dramatically. While shampoo will cost more, it can save your the cost of replacing your carpet due to stains and odors that are ruining your home.
What you call a carpet cleaning company check to see what types of cleaning they offer and what suits your needs. Dry cleaning is great if you need to clean your carpets right now and cannot wait for them to dry. Steam is a maintenance solution that will help your carpets look great and improve the life span of them. Shampoo will restore your carpets if they have not been professionally cleaned in a long time or you have pets. If you need carpet or rug cleaning in New York call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC and we can answer any questions you have about carpet cleaning.

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